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We have manufactured the Flash circle,straight line and bevel Cutting Guides for cutting torches since 1944. Our Acetylene and Plasma Cutting Guides are 100% guaranteed, as is everything we sell. These inexpensive attachments for handheld torches have been used throughout the world by master welders and fabricators for more than half a century. No welding shop should be without one.

Our Acetylene Cutting Guides are the only ones on the market with interchangable tip nuts taking the place of the ones which came with the torch, 18 applications are available. We also manufacture a universal model which attaches to the torch tip with three set screws. The guide wheel assembly can support the torch, either on the inside or outside of the circle being cut. Two guide wheel assemblies, one on either side of the torch tip can facilitate the cutting of Straight Lines, especially with the removal of the radius bar.

The Plasma Cutting Guides can cut Circles 2 1/2" up to 42" using pieces included in the basic kit. Circles smaller or larger can be cut with the addition of the proper Accessory. Straight Lines can be produced with a Grooved Wheel Assembly, provided in the kit, using a piece of angle as a guide. (Not Provided) Our Plasma Cutters fit all three sizes of Hypertherm Torches and most other makes with the addition of an adapter.

Our Accessories are made with the same care and either facilitate the use of the basic product with greater ease and stability, as with the Magnetic Center Fixer, Ball Bearing Swivel Wheel Assembly, Precision Center Point Adapter or Grooved Wheel Assembly, or extend the capability of the product such as with longer Radius Bars, Extension Bar with adapter or Long Reach Center Point.

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